Bayou Classic Stainless Steel 1195 Turkey fryer

Thanksgiving is a very special occasion full of joy and harmony. But when it comes to serving a delicious turkey then it turns out to be a complete disaster for many. So if you are preparing a large dinner this thanksgiving and need a smart turkey fryer for quick browning then you must definitely buy Bayou Classic stainless Steel turkey fryer. Bayou classic is a specialized manufacturer of grilling machines.

So if you are the person of premium choice then you can never say no to this brilliantly built stainless steel turkey cookware. This will even solve your purpose of outdoor parties. It will only cost 45 minutes to fry a big turkey in Bayou Classic stainless steel turkey fryer. This fryer is ideal for cooking corn, vegetables, chicken, crawfish, seafood and clams as well.

Some of the great features of Bayou Classic stainless steel 1195 turkey fryer are:

  •  Material: This bayou Classic cookware is successor of traditional turkey fryer but with a polished stainless steel material now. This kit comprises of a 32 quart stockpot and for temperature details it has a thermometer as well.
  • Weight: It can cook up to 25 pounds of a turkey. And its skewer set can manage up to 3 chickens easily in a single turn.
  • Looks: You will find a boiler basket and a perforated poultry rack with Bayou classic stainless steel turkey fryer for quick frying process. It is 16 y 16 in dimensions and has an outdoor gas burner too.

So cook big turkeys smoothly on this Bayou stainless steel turkey fryer which uses natural gas for functioning.


Here are few reviews for Bayou stainless steel turkey fryer which may help you in making a wise decision:

Richard Shepherd

Verdict- 4.5/5

My family decided to bring this fryer on thanksgiving. To our surprise Bayou classic stainless steel turkey fryer didn’t thwart us at all. Few days before the thanksgiving we made chicken in it and everybody licked their fingers after completing the turkey. It was so yummy and crispy. This Thanksgiving was delicious and tempting because we had roasted turkey cooked in peanut oil in just 60 minutes. This was the best turkey I ever tasted.

This one is surely different from those having painted bases. So if you have enough money then rush to buy this turkey fryer right now!


Frank j. Bose- U.S.A

Verdict – 5/5

I must say I am really impressed with Bayou classic stainless steel 32 quart turkey fryer. It is simple to use fryer which has a temperature controller for oil and water. It is built from high quality stainless steel and can be utilized for many other things besides frying turkey as well like for shrimps, vegetables, crab, etc. Lastly, you will definitely call it a worthy item after having the delicious turkey cooked in this fryer.