Well if you are searching for a turkey fryer with new technology then nothing can be much safer than Char-Broil Big Easy infrared turkey fryer. We have heard that many people find turkey fryer dangerous. But with the products of Char boil you can make the world’s most delicious turkey without any worries. The Char-Broil infrared Turkey fryer works on patented technology which utilizes infrared heating for cooking, resulting in hassle free and clean cooking. You can cook up to 16 lbs of turkey in this without using cooking oil.

Some of the features of Char-Boil Easy oil less Turkey fryer are given below:

Safe: You can easily make this thanksgiving memorable by serving the tastiest turkey ever made. Usually when it comes to frying or dealing with hot oil most of the people get nervous. And for them only Char-boil has introduced this oil-free turkey fryer. So, forget about supervision and fear of erroneous frying just try this super cool infrared turkey fryer which has a big easy cylindrical double walled for heating furnace power-driven by propane burner.

 Delicious: Nothing can as tempting and finger licking as the turkey cooked in Char-Boil’s big easy turkey fryer. You will cherish the juicy, tender, flavorful and moist turkey this thanksgiving due to Char-Boil’s oil free infrared turkey fryer. Due to the technology of infrared heating this fryer has gained a high position in electronics market. You can even prepare flavors and add them to your turkey before frying in turkey fryer. Not just turkeys but get prepared to eat mouth watering beef, chicken pork and meat as well. Just control the internal temperature accordingly and get set go.

Trouble free working: Char-Boil’s oil free turkey fryer has many advantages over traditional ones. It relieves you from all the worries which come along traditional turkey fryers like pre heating oil, cleaning the messy surroundings, finding a proper location for its usage, etc. With Char boil’s infrared turkey fryers you can save a lot of money from your pocket and can still have appetizing and crunchy turkey every time.



Some of the reviews of Char-Boil’s oil free infrared turkey fryer are given below:

Dan Kim, Ellicott City, MD


I found this turkey fryer as a quality cooking tool. Within 15-20 minutes you can start frying your flavor added turkey after assembling the whole thing. Overall it has a sturdy design which will last as long as you maintain it nicely. Before thanksgiving I used the fryer for frying 12 lbs turkey and to my surprise it finished the process in less than 2 hrs and I had mouth watering, crispy turkey which was very soft inside.

Some of the pros of Char boil’s infrared turkey fryer is that it is unfussiness of the grill and can cook different types of meat anytime and anywhere. So it is recommended especially for ones who are tired of cleaning the mess caused due to traditional bulky fryers.

Tim Burlington, Kansas City, USA

Verdict – 4.5/5

I found this turkey fryer to be great use to me and found it to be extremely improved compared to traditional turkey fryer as it really cooks deep and comes with thermometer to check if inside is cooked. The turkey was so juice and exterior was crisp and brown which was cooked just in 30 mins. It was 30 lbs turkey and to my surprise it cooked really well. The only complain I have is the exterior looks cheap though very sturdy and I have been using for more than year so nothing has happened to it.